Cases and Bags

Twin Cedars Ranch bags and cases are made using techniques from saddle making to provide stability and durability to our products. We use solid rivets and never allow a single connection point. Our quality bags are designed to support your sustainability.

Expansion and Compatibility

Our small cases use MOLLE connections which will allow you to use them with any tactical bags you already have. Many of our bags offer PALS webbing so you can add your own cases or one of ours to it.


 Leather is a durable product. When cared for it can last for years or a lifetime. At Twin Cedars we make a conscious effort in each design to try to make our bags and cases durable. Failure points in common bags are usually at the connect point and stress points such as handles and straps. As often as possible we make high stress items replaceable so that a failure in a strap or handle does not mean the bag or case is no longer usable. 

We hope that you will enjoy your Twin Cedars Case and that it helps maintain your Sustainable lifestyle.