The Wanderer Shoulder Bag Line

The Wanderer Shoulder Bag Line

Welcome back to Twin Cedars Ranch.

Today I want to introduce you to the newest line of bags from Twin Cedars Ranch. I’m not going to assume the market. I’m going to leave that to you, although I did have a target person in mind when I built it. This product will be available soon, but I wanted to share this product announcement to let you know it was coming.

The Wanderer


Open Top Shoulder Bag

Crazy Horse Tanned Water Buffalo or Oil/Chrome Tanned Leather and Veg Tanned leather


W 18”x D 8” X H16”

Strap/Handle Length

From X to X

The bag line is called the Wanderer and this is the first of the series. The first bag also called the Wanderer is the largest of the line. It is an open top bag with plenty of storage and a pair of side slit pockets for those things you want to keep at hand. The top of the bag closes with a single snap strap that restricts things from falling out as you wander.

Wanderer Bag in rustic chair with straps resting down across the bag. Antique Copper clips and hardware and oiled leather handles.

Antique copper clip buckles on Wanderer handles connected to antique copper d-rings.

The shoulder straps/handles are adjustable to allow a short handle for carry at your side or on your shoulder or a cross body carry at full length. There are four adjustment points available with the provided straps.

We see the Wanderer traveling with you on your short treks or your long journeys and bringing whatever you need at hand to sustain yourself. It is made of durable oil tanned leather that will stand up to the weather and the straps are made of oiled vegetable tanned leather. The seams are all double stitched and the side seams are overlapped, double stitched, and reinforced with vegetable tanned straps. At the top of the bag where you can expect a lot of use we have reinforced each strap on the body of the bag and at each seam with rivets. The shoulder straps/handles attach with clips on D-Rings that are attached to the bag at four of these reinforced strap mount points.


 Oiled VegTan straps with antique copper chicago screws, clips and conway buckles. Wanderer shoulder bag sitting on decking with oiled VegTan straps extended into long shoulder straps.

This allows you to replace the straps/handles with any strap you like or with replacement straps if you happen to wear out the original leather straps. The four D-ring attachment points allow you to change out the straps and adjust them however you like.   

We left the internal body of the bag open to allow you to organize it however you want. We will be offering some accessories to assist with this in matching or complementary leather styles to allow you to organize the stuff you carry while wandering.

Wanderer shoulder bag laying on decking with top opening toward you. Matching accessories are seen in the top opening.

The prototype version of this bag is manufactured out of crazy horse tanned water buffalo. Other colors and styles will be available in this line, but they will all be crazy horse or oil/chrome tanned leathers designed to stand up to your wanderings. The Wanderer will always be made from rustic leathers that represent the hardy style of wandering it is designed to inspire.

If you would be interested in owning a Wanderer or you would like to be kept in the loop on this product as we bring it to the store, subscribe to the newsletter or send us an e-mail and always keep an eye on the store to see what is new and exciting.

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