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Sustainability as A Shield: Fear and Anger

Before I get farther into this post, I will start by saying I am not a psychologist nor a medically trained individual. What I offer here are my observations supported by other knowledgeable individuals or groups. I often use myself as the example because I try to write from a position of experience. This post is dealing with emotions and how you can use Individual Sustainability to help shield you from strong emotions like fear and anger. Independent of your opinion about how the human brain formed, there are some things we accept about how it functions. We seem to agree, at least in the fields associated with interacting with users and customers, that there are some primitive reaction networks...

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Sustainability through Ritual: Exercise

A few years back when my stress level at work was at a peak, my doctor suggested I try some exercise to improve my blood pressure. She actually suggested Yoga. Although I have added Yoga to my practice it was not the exercise I started then. In a week, I had started practicing martial arts at a local dojo. I practiced ritually for ten years. Three days a week I left work on time to make it to the first class. Over the years that I was able (there were a couple of changes in my life that changed my ability to practice three days a week) I attended two classes each of those days and joined in on the...

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Sustainability through Ritual: Journaling

Some time ago— a time that seems much more than the 30 years it actually was— I was first introduced to using a planner to manage my time and work priorities. I was a newly minted manager dealing with the fresh challenges of keeping up with my schedule and the schedules of the staff I was responsible for. Now, this was nowhere near the responsibility I would have later, but it was the first time I had so much to keep up with.

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