About us

Individual Sustainability

Through Rugged Products and Deep Reading

Over the past few years my wife and I have started paying attention more to the things that make it easier for us to live and work. A little while back, we discussed how hard it was for us to consume and process long articles. It seemed like neither of us could read more than a paragraph anymore, and we both remembered reading much larger works when we were younger.

At the same time, I was teaching and coaching organizations how to transform the way they worked to be more customer responsive and value focused. Underlying this change to how people worked was a belief that individuals and teams knew best what they needed to be successful. Within this context there was an accepted truth that systems must operate at a capacity that can be maintained indefinitely.

These two things came together with our own skill-set and formed organization. As writers, we want to help people regain their ability to read and reason through what is being read or heard. By enabling each individual’s own tools we could help them reclaim their ability to logically process information that is flooding them daily. As creative artisans, we wanted to create products that lived longer and took away concerns people had that interrupted their productivity. This became the seed of our Why.

Individual Sustainability; or providing tools and opportunities for each person to marshal and maintain their ability to think, work, and live in such a way that everything is balanced and can be done indefinitely became our goal.
Every day we work to identify tools, websites, authors, blogs, applications, etc. that help people read and think critically. We share this content in our free blogs and newsletter. At the same time, we write our own books to provide quality escape so each person can recharge and take some mental time off while training themselves to consume information.

In our shop, we hand craft products to help people live without more to worry about. We focus on products made to stand the test of time so you can think about other things. These rugged products are designed to last and give you tools to support your life and sustainability no matter what you do.

Twin Cedars Ranch is a small business, nestled into the foothills of the Appalachian mountains trying to bring the rugged individualism of that region into your everyday life, so that you can find your balance where you can work, think, rest, and play in a way that sustains you.