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New Late Summer Event - FarleyCon

We have a new event on our schedule! We will be at FarleyCon at Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, TN, on August 14, 2021. This is a comic books & collectibles convention held near the conjunction of Interstates 75 and 24 in Chattanooga. Because the ‘Rona is still a thing, the schedule is subject to change. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar! Let’s hope we can get to live events this year!

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Now Selling EBooks!

I am proud to announce that K. T. Hunter's Nemo Paradox series is now available on our web site in a new format! In addition to our existing paperback offerings, we now offer the ebook versions of 20 Million Leagues Over the Sea and The Mysterious Planet of Captain Moreau for $2.99 each. We use for our ebook fulfillment. If you purchase an ebook on our site, you will soon receive an email from BookFunnel with a download link. This link takes you to the book’s landing page at BookFunnel. From there, you can select the format that you want and how you want it delivered (direct download or emailed to you). Whether you have a Kindle (MOBI files)...

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Welcome to Twin Cedars Ranch!

Hello and welcome to Twin Cedars Ranch! Thank you for visiting our little corner of the web. This blog will feature news about our products, books, and events. We also produce a monthly newsletter that features guest authors, web site recommendations, and other goodies for writers and readers. Some of its articles will be reposted in this blog. If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter, please add your email address to the Newsletter box at the bottom of most of the pages on this site. We value privacy, and we never sell customer or subscriber information to any other parties. You can read back issues of the newsletter on this site. Just look for the Newsletter Archive option on...

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