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20 Million Leagues Over The Sea

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Book 1 of the Nemo Paradox.

More than fifty years after Captain Nemo sank into a watery grave and two decades after the last Martian Invader fell to pestilence, Earth is ready to avenge her orphaned children.

Born to fly: The starship Thunder Child's Fury is the child of Nemo's ingenuity and Martian cunning. After a disastrous maiden voyage, can she sail the solar winds to Mars?

Born to lead: Christophe Moreau, her commander, has trained for this mission since childhood. He has mastered the sea. Can he tame the wilderness of space?

Born to spy: Gemma Llewellyn, member of the Scientific Cohort, has trained for an entirely different mission. Haunted by her past, will she obey her masters or follow her own path?

With dark forces aligning against the brave crew of the Fury and her mission, will they even survive the journey?

A romp in the combined universes of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

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