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Guardian Unmasked

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Within the labyrinthine passes of the Dragon’s Spine— a mountainous no-man’s-land which splits the known world into three realms— Brigands, witches, fantastic beasts, and nature herself threaten any who wander. The outcast of every realm— criminal or not— struggle among these threats to scrape out a living with the hope of some day escaping. Bands of protectors known as Guardian’s, with martial strength and uncanny ability to navigate the passes, guide caravans from every border for any who have or can afford passes into the realms. Roark, leader of a band of Guardians who escort caravans through these challenging passes, is about to take on the most dangerous mission any Guardian has ever taken. Escort a priceless jewel, a dowry gift to the Prince of Parthia, through the no-man’s-land of the Dragon’s Spine. An impossible task that no one really wants to succeed. Brigand bands within The Spine, leaders from the realms surrounding The Spine, and even others who have helped Roark in the past, all have an interest in the prize, and either owning it or ensuring it never makes it to its destination. The implications of success and the cost of failure both offer the potential of ripping The Dragon’s Spine apart. Can Roark succeed against the overwhelming odds? What will it take? What will happen when the prize exposes secrets long forgotten and even unmasks the Guardian leader, revealing crimes and atrocities most wanted never exposed? What happens if the prize reaches its new home?

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