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Legacy of Dragons: Resurgence

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Legacy of Magic, Book 2.

Dragons are back after 1500 years of imprisonment, and they are not happy.

They have a leader who believes they should rule the world.

Their ambassador, Meliastrid, tried to stop them and failed.

In book two of the Legacy of Magic series, Melissa faces her worst fear; war with humanity. She must step into her role as the dragon ambassador and face the army that Nethliast has built while still trying to resolve the original conflict that drove her to take the steps she did 1500 years before. She knows why dragons were imprisoned, and before she can do anything about that, she has to save the world from her own kind.

Can she stop the war, before Nethliast enslaves mankind? Can she find the clues to her grandmother’s ultimate plan before it is too late? Can humanity survive The Legacy of Dragons: Resurgence?

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-Paperback Version: Trade Paperback signed by the Author
- EBook Version: EBook fulfilled by BookFunnel via Email link: MOBI (Amazon/Kindle version) or EPUB (most other EReaders). Select EBook version at BookFunnel.