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Orienteer Journal Cover

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Outside Dimensions:

5.25 inch x 8.5 inch

The Orienteer is designed specifically for the Rite-in-Rain universal paperback journals (4.75 x 7.5 inch) and the similar sized pads. Because of the common uses of these journals and pads, this cover was made to provide a weather resistant carrier to augment the Rite-in-Rain products and provide a reliable platform for all of your adventures, no matter the weather. (Journals not included.)

The Orienteer is a folio style cover based on the Adventurer, however it is manufactured with leathers selected for their resistance to water and coated with an acrylic top coat that makes it weather resistant. Because of these choices the only color option is black for the cover. The recommended straps are natural, but green, blue, and red straps are available on request.

It comes packed with most of the same features of the Adventurer including space for a small journal or art book as well as the tools you need to do your thing. Beautiful and strong for whatever you face, the Orienteer helps you maintain your sustainability by bringing what you need with you wherever you go and protecting it from the weather at the same time.

Construction is completed for each order and could take as much as two weeks depending on how many orders are ahead of yours. Please allow two weeks for your order to ship. Include your e-mail address with the order to receive updates on your order status.

This product is made from natural materials. Some variation in color and texture should be expected. We hand select leather for this product. If you have a preference (more field or more office) please include it in the order notes and we will attempt to meet your objectives. We intentionally select hides that have as few bite marks, scrapes, and brands as possible.