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PALS Field 1x4 Vertical Belt/Strap Adapter

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Take control of your gear with our PALS Field Belt/Strap Adapters. This gives you the adapter you need to carry your knife of flashlight or any narrow MOLLE case, pouch, or bag on your belt or strap. Use this adapter to add capability to your pack strap, load bearing web gear, or any other strap you need modular space on. 

We offer several variants that offer substantial flexibility in adding your critical equipment to your belt or strap. If you are looking for a way to easily integrate your reliable modular equipment in a way that fully utilizes its attachment features, this adapter is for you. The belt openings for this adapter are designed for a 1 1/2 inch belt or strap. The width of this opening is 1/4 inch wide to allow you to get this adapter over clips and adjustment loops. (Customization is also available to meet your specific needs.)  

The quality veg tan leather and our dye colors create a high quality, durable, and good looking way to carry your tactical gear or whatever MOLLE gear you want to carry with you. We apply a quality acrylic top coat to this product to provide water resistance.

If you are looking for durable, high quality leather MOLLE cases to add to this belt adapter, take a look at some of the other products offered in our Bushcraft and Case collections.

Size Description

This Vertical Belt Adapters has one column of leather webbing running down the long side and accommodates items that need a 1x4 PALS webbing. 

Images included in this collection may show some of our cases as they look attached to this adapter. This item includes the adapter only. No additional cases or equipment in the images are included.